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6.2 Million

That's how many people use Bing in the UK every month


Bing is not usually the first search engine you think of. Given its low market share worldwide, that is understandable. There is a reason why ‘Google it‘ is such a common phrase.

However, in the UK, in 2021, Bing accounts for approximately 10% of all desktop search requests.

Official Bing Ads Partner

We are a fully accredited partner, able to offer you the highest calibre of Bing Ad account management. We fully recognise the potential of advertising on Bing, alongside your Google Adwords strategy.

There are many benefits to maintaining an advertising strategy on Bing. Read on to see how we can help you achieve your digital marketing goals by using the world’s second biggest search engine.

Advantages Of Paid Search On Bing

Cost-per-click is usually cheaper than Google Adwords. That means more bang for your buck! (More power for your pound?)

Fewer competitors. Most digital marketing agencies do not offer comprehensive Bing Ads management, and most companies don’t know how to use it – meaning there is more market share for you!

Bing is owned by Microsoft; every PC comes with Edge set as the default browser and Bing as the default search engine. (And who knows how pushy future Windows updates will get…)

Is bing right for your business?

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