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Receive $10,000 Free Ad Credit Each Month

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Your charity deserves to be seen. Whether you want to recruit more volunteers, attract more donations, or simply spread the message – we are here for you.

With Google Ad Grants you can receive $10,000 (USD) each month for free. We can help you reach the right people at the right time, to help you do the right thing – and report back to you all the progress your organisation has been making.

Charities We Have Helped: RAISE YOUR HANDS

Carl led a strategic review of our account, restructuring and optimising to ensure we were getting the best value from the grant. He was also excellent advising on our Tag Manager and conversion tracking set up and more generally ensuring that we were meeting the (sometimes unpredictable) criteria that Google sets for the Grant. A great communicator and proactive in his management of our account, I can highly recommend working with him!
Tom Le Fanu
Digital Lead



We can help with your Google Ad Grant application, and make sure you get the right amount of help that you need.


We will use our digital marketing expertise to ensure your online campaigns are running at maximum efficiency.

Proactive Management

We will constantly monitor your digital presence and campaign results, and provide relevant and timely insights and ideas for the next steps.

Full Stack Service

We will pull out all the stops and offer you all the services we would offer a for-profit client, giving you everything but the kitchen sink (unless you ask nicely).

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