Stone Direct

A Case Study

About The Client

Stone Direct are a stone tile provider and installer based in Derby, known for their  comprehensive selection of premium tiles. They started with a simple web presence and, after seeing the results we provided with our PPC & Google Adwords successes, they asked us to provide a site redesign, and to provide SEO services.

Web Design

We built a custom theme for WordPress and managed their Woocommerce installation to provide all the features they required, from very specific weight- and location-based custom shipping rules to a customer-focused free sample option. 


Maintaining a modest budget, we continue to bring in a wonderful return on ad spend across different mediums, and expand Stone Direct’s reach far and wide.


As we had built the site, the technical SEO tasks were not daunting at all, and after getting a handle on the content, we were able to increase clicks by 64%, and impressions by 42%, within two months. The revenue generated from organic traffic has increased by 291%.

How Did We Do It?

As with all our clients, we sit down for a proper discussion covering all areas of digital marketing strategy, and lay down a roadmap for the next few months.

The key word to remember for any good PPC strategy: keywords. Effective keyword research and optimisation usually precludes successful campaigns.

Careful monitoring using custom dashboards for both ourselves and the client help make sure we’re heading in the right direction across all platforms.

Expert knowledge and great experience across many digital sectors allowed us to maintain an effective strategy from top to bottom and really maximise our output.

We continue to maintain and improve the PPC accounts, SEO and Website maintenance for Stone Direct, as well as help with all areas of online business.

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