Pedrollo Distribution

A Case Study

About The Client

Pedrollo Distribution are a leading pump distributor, offering pumps and solutions nationwide. When we first started working with them, their site was lucky to get more than ten clicks in a week, despite being full of products and information. By implementing a solid SEO strategy and building some custom client-facing tools, we we able to increase leads and organic traffic massively.

The Brief

Pedrollo Distribution was built as a lead-gen site, containing products from their large pump portfolio covering many different applications – however, it was not working as intended. Not many leads were coming through at all.

Keen to improve the number of leads, they hired Roll Marketing to implement an SEO strategy with the goal of competing with top industry names and improving organic leads from search.


To help ensure our strategies were working, we measured our progress primarily against the following KPIs:

  • Leads generated through the website
  • Organic sessions from search
  • Position in search results for key search queries
  • Pages per session & Bounce rate – to make sure we were reaching the right people

We made some visual changes to the existing site, to provide users with more relevant content in a more engaging manner. 

We also developed some custom industry-specific tools, such as the break tank sizing calculator, and the head loss calculator.

On-Site SEO

One of the first things we changed was the site structure, creating individual pages for different product groups and search intent, and using appropriate copy and keywords to attract clicks.

Along with the technical changes we made to speed up the site, the new structure helped search engines understand the site, and show it to the right people.


Providing relevant content marketing ideas, keywords, and article structure allowed us to develop enough industry-relevant content to share in appropriate places, giving the website more authority as a leader in the industry.

What they say about us:

Roll Marketing have had a massive impact on our digital marketing efforts. Their ethical SEO strategies and technical changes, alongside the custom website tools they created, have brought a huge increase in traffic and leads, all while being transparent with their methods and reports. They quickly understood our industry and products, and made a real difference with our new website. I would highly recommend Roll Marketing for SEO.
Tadhg Buckley


Growth in traffic over 6 months.


Clicks through from Google increased by 646%. This resulted in an increase in leads (previously untracked, but number of leads increased in line with organic traffic).

Keyword Rankings

From having zero non-branded keywords in the top five spots, Pedrollo Distribution is currently in the top 5 results for 32 tracked queries.


Unique pageviews have increased by 1,688%, and average Pages per Session has risen from 2.61 to 3.44. Moreover, unique events on the site have increased by 4x.

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