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Scaling eCommerce stores is the name of the game, and it is one we play well. An online store without traffic is an empty shop, no matter how well you serve your niche. Getting the right customers to your store and ensuring the proper experience is paramount.

Our eCommerce SEO experience and dynamic strategies can ensure your products are seen by the right people who are ready to buy.

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There are plenty more potential online customers in your market than could ever fit into a physical retail outlet. Good eCommerce PPC campaigns can help generate an audience and sell directly to them – and strong SEO strategies can do the same.

Revenue generated from organic traffic often has the best return on investment (ROI) as you won’t be paying extra fees for clicks on the products, and the investment will have long-lasting effects. Building up the authority of your eCommerce store and increasing trust vectors will mean your products will remain visible while you scale up your store. While the public become more savvy regarding (occasionally misleading) paid advertisements, organic results from search engines get more visitors – and your products will still top the pages even if your PPC budget runs out.



We can optimise your website and product pages for customers who are looking for products like yours. From the main concept to the smaller details, we can make sure the traffic is from targeted customers who are ready to purchase.

Speed matters – every extra millisecond saved when loading your page can increase the chance of a successful conversion. Our experience in web design can cut down the load times of your pages and ensure a seamless experience for your customers.

We can create a hands-off system to scaling your catalogue. Having the right meta data and rich snippets on your product pages can pay dividends, but manually creating them for each product can be time consuming. We can put a dynamic system in place to automatically generate and include these on all of your product pages.


Organic Traffic

Immediate and long-lasting increases in revenue from organic traffic.

Bounce Rate

Bring your products to the right people who are ready to buy them.

SERP Visbility

Rise up the rankings and take those top spots away from competitors.


More traffic means more brand awareness and more organic sales.


Good eCommerce SEO runs in parallel to a proper SEO strategy for the entire website. Using content marketing to increase the perceived authority of your site, and utilising proper features of search engines such as Google My Business can give your business the right trust factors for search engines to be confident in showing your site to your customers.

Our Nottingham Web Design team can make sure your store has the right user experience, from optimising the technical SEO and page speed to implementing a comfortable flow for your customers.

Building up a strong business profile with reviews of your products or services as well as basic social media management can further increase the amount of trust placed in your business, and this can be massively helped with strong PPC campaigns and customer outreach.

Finding informational sites in your niche and generating links back to your site and products will also play a large part in successful eCommerce SEO. In addition, good local SEO means that your products can be shown to those in local markets, which can be invaluable when in both competitive or extremely niche markets.

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